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DigiGames' parent company produces special built systems for local broadcast stations all over the world.

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1.  How can you make money with trivia?
2.  Who is going to help me get started doing trivia parties?
3.  What resources are available to help me be successful?
4.  How can increase my entertainment schedule?
5.  How can I get midweek bookings with quiz shows?
6.  How can I use trivia as a teaching or learning tool?
7.  Can quiz shows be used as part of team building or team interaction type shows?
8.  How can I use trivia to keep my seminars from being so boring?
9.  How can draw more people to my trade show booth?
10.  How do I know what product is right for me?
These are just a few questions you can ask US!  We are experts in making the games AND as entertainers.  Our staff has a combined total of 60 years of performing trivia game shows.




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